Did anyone else notice his profile is missing now?

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woah. what the hell?
You can add apostrophes in URL's now? I'm going to capitalise on this...
Ever since I saw his ATW account was gone I've felt

like I've been run over by a truck.
He's still on Twitter!
Pat could no longer handle the pressure of everyone asking him if they will ever get to hear Spiderbitch.
Holy cow what's going on??!!
Please no please no
So what really is happening? This is getting concerning.
i really wouldnt be that concerned
Maybe he eloped with Miss Piggy
According to comments on Scott's FB page, Pat has deleted his accounts at Weezer.com, ATW, and FB. Here is what was on his twitter:

Deleted my Facebook, too much Harvard in there. Going to start a lower brow service called Ass Magazine, u know for the rest of us!

And this was next:

rather than create Ass Magazine (too larry flynt) as a competitor to FB, i'm going with the rated pg "Buttocks Periodical"

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