What else do you want them to play on their Pinkerton tour date?

I'm hoping they play a lot of their B-sides from Pinkerton, especially "Waiting On You", and maybe "Long Time Sunshine" as an encore finale song would be neat :D. I also hope they don't get tired of the Blue Album from the previous night and play their greatest hits as well especially "No One Else", "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here", "Say It Aint So", etc... Anyway, what do you guys hope they'll play?

Btw, I'm going to the Los Angeles concert (Nov. 27), so if any of you guys are going maybe I'll see you there!

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I really want them to do Hash Pipe. I want to feel that energy!!
Also, I'd LOVE if they did Say it aint so. Photograph would be great considering that's my song I blare when I'm in parades. (I'm a professional photographer)-- everyone always starts dancing, it's great!!
im going to the pinkerton one in NYC and im hoping for You Gave Your Love to me Softly, You Won't Get With Me Tonight, Jamie, Mykel and Carli, Ruling Me, Let It All Hang Out, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Longtime Sunshine, Blast Off (would make the entire concert for me, they should open the pinkerton shows with this its a short song but great way to lead into Tired of Sex)....plus tons of others cant wait saw them in July and last October and they were great

Last Halloween Rivers played guitar most of the night and was awesome and i was about 10 feet from the stage so that made it pretty sick too........1 month to go

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