Ruling me i'm geussing...
I don't know if it's been anounced or anything..?

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i honestly can't see anything except unspoken being released as a single at this point
Hang On probably. They've been playing it live and they're recording a "new" version of it with a guitar solo. (They practiced it on ustream, it was great!)
One email from this site promoted the album as "the great new studio album featuring "Memories", "Unspoken", "Hang On" and "Smart Girls"!"

It's nothing solid, but I'm guessing unspoken, hang on or smart girls.
I'm hoping for Unspoken but I wouldn't be surprised with Ruling Me. Both are good. Smart Girls shouldn't be a single though.
I love Unspoken.. but keep in mind that just because its a great song it doesn't mean it would be a single. I don't think it has the potential to be one, they usually choose the catchiest pop-iest songs.. i'd think hang on, ruling me or smart girls.
Probably Hang On because they play it live now, and I thought I heard they were doing a remix of it?
It would make sense to make it Ruling Me since it would probably appeal to the mases but I'm hoping for Hang On
I agree with what most are saying. The only songs that are "single-worthy" would be Ruling Me, Smart Girls or Hang On. I assume Ruling Me will be the next single.

I think Smart Girls may be too weird to be a single. However, that may work in it's favor...they can release a video showing geeky, smart girls finally being put in the spot-light. That would appeal to many teenagers going through high school hell with the "plastics" (yeah, I used a Mean Girls reference)! These songs will be facing the recent hits on the radio - songs by Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Hopefully, someone will be willing to listen and help the =w= songs chart.

Unspoken would go nowhere on the charts. Great song though.
Hold On.
Hang On. that new solo is awesome.
It'll probably be Hang On.... But I'm still not 100% sure. Yeah they are playing it live now... but they played Let It All Hang Out live a lot when they toured for Rad and that was never a single. The more telling sign is that they're working on it more in the studio. We shall see.
Hang On should will probably be next. I really hope they throw a curveball and put out Unspoken as the 3rd single. It'd be cool to see them put out something a little different and it would probably do well on the rock charts.

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