...those videos that have been recently been posted on Rivers' YouTube page. (the dance songs) I don't like the musical direction and I hope that these songs don't make it to weezer albums. :/

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I didn't like them AT ALL. I will be very dissapointed if Rivers puts them on the next Weezer album. Reading the comments other people posted on the YouTube page, I don't think anyone else liked them either.
are there any youtube links for these songs goin around?
You guys know that Rivers is making a solo pop album right?
If this is what Rivers wants to do, who am I to tell him it's a bad idea. I'm just happy that it's going to go on his solo album, not a weezer album.

I'm fine with it. I'm sure it will all sound a lot better once it's all together on an album.

I'm not ready to judge the music from a 30 second clip.

Whatever it is, I'm not going to complain, because it's his choice what to do.

What? Is this that Japanese one??? If not, I have no idea what you're talking about. 

Paperface said:
You guys know that Rivers is making a solo pop album right?

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