I know raditude isn't in my opinnon there best album but how can one not apriciate put me back together or can't stop partying and of course girl if your wondering if I want you to ( I want you too) I mean the record to me was not terribly bad, it's hard to live up to 90's weezers expectations, but still why do you hate it that much?

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Most people don't hate it. 
It was just so different to their usual style. It almost felt to some people like an attempt to become mainstream. But it's not THAT bad of a record.
Agreeing with Crackerjack
I think Raditude is really good, its my fourth favourite Weezer album but the only song i don't really like on it is "Love Is The Answer".

What I have against Raditude is that the album is such a regression from the promising highs of Red deluxe. Don't get me wrong, I still listen to it, and can enjoy it here and there (Put Me Back Together and Let It All Hang Out remain guilty pleasures). But the Top 40 style tracks and overly slick production plus the ill-advised lyrical choices (see I'm Your Daddy, The Girl Got Hot, and the fact Put Me Back Together is basically written from the perspective of a 15 year old) are off-putting. The arrangements of Love is the Answer and Can't Stop Partying are unfortunate. Throw in the fact Run Over By A Truck and Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World failed to make the actual album, whereas filler like In The Mall did (which Pat has admitted to not liking it being on a Weezer album - better for an SG album), and my frustration builds. What gets me is that, again like Red, some of the best tracks are left off the standard album. With some adjustments to the tracklisting, Raditude could have been a much better (yet still flawed) album (the same could be said for Maladroit, Make Believe, and Red). In conclusion, had it been a more balanced experience of pop and good old fashioned Weezer rock, I would think better of it. I created an alternate tracklisting that I think does a decent job of this:


  1. Turning Up The Radio
  2. If You're Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)
  3. I'm Your Daddy
  4. Can't Stop Partying (whatever version appeases - Alone II, Lil Wayne, Coconut, Chamillionaire, revised Lil Wayne with more guitar and drums)
  5. Let It All Hang Out
  6. I Don't Want To Let You Go (i personally go with the alone II version)
  7. Put Me Back Together
  8. Run Over By A Track
  9. Trippin' Down The Freeway
  10. Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World


(if i could I'd end the whole thing with The Underdogs following Prettiest Girl at #11. But if I had to stand by the 10 song rule, well, there you go)

don't you ever compare the new Indiana Jones to weezer.  Nothing. Will. Ever. Be. That. Bad


I love Raditude.  It's not Pinkerton, but that's great, imo.

CrackerJack said:

The same reason I hate the star wars prequels, the new indiana jones movies, etc.  They have no soul or feeling, and are blemishes on an otherwise fantastic track record.


And who says they need to live up to 90s standards?  Green wasnt half as good as blue/pink, but its still a good album.  Maladroit was f****** incredible.  Even make believe and Red had some fantastic songs.  What does raditude have?  Lil wayne cameos and "I'm Your Daddy"?

I like your track listing Johnny Rockets! I do really like 6 of the 10 songs on Raditude. Trippin Down the Freeway, I'm Your Daddy, and Put Me Back Together are my favorites. Run Over by a Truck should have made it over In The Mall or Love is the Answer.
It was my first Weezer album, so I might be biased (I bought Blue the same night, though; I figured it'd be a good idea to hear their original sound compared to their most recent), but I think it's a strong album.  I loved it at first, but it started weakening as I picked up the rest of their albums.  After I started forming a stark anti-Red mentality, Raditude rose in rank pretty significantly.

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