Do you think the next album will have even more of a 60's pop vibe like the song hang on?  Or do you think they will get heavier now that Pat is shredding the ibanez?  I just hope they don't try for that top 40 pop crap like some of the weaker moments on the red album.  I really liked the song, run over by a truck.  I think it would be cool, if they did something totally different like have an album with Rivers on piano for every song.  Have the keys be featured more than guitars like an Elton John album or Billy Joel album.  I wonder how that would go over?

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We'll see, Willie...nasty!

WilfordBrimley (shoelessthunder) said:

Placemats, Fun Time is too epic for new weezer.

As for the future of weezer, well...

I'd love for the next album to have no collabs.  It's done some good things for the band, but I'd love to get an album coming straight from Rivers, Pat, Brian, and Scott.  


I don't know where I heard this, but I believe the band is planning on recording the next record as a collaborative group.  Don't get me wrong, I love hearing new material from Weezer no matter what.  It's always good to have a band being productive rather than obsolete, but I'd love to see the band take a more thoughtful approach the next time around. 

krisande said:

From what Rivers has been talking about on the forum/interviews I definitely think the next album is going to be different. He was saying in an interview that he thought releasing another 10 track standard sorta album would feel like releasing Rocky VIII at this point, so he wants the next one to be different. There was also a lot of talk about rock operas, with stuff like Jesus Christ Superstar being mentioned, also saying that they probably wouldn't be collaborating with anyone on it. Whatever it is that comes out I'm sure it will still have the Weezer feel to it, but if they do go in the direction of a rock opera or something along those lines that would be amazing I think.

wait hurley was on the "darker side"  ...geez if thats dark, i can't imagine what slurpee bike riding songs are like


talk about rock operas? i thought rivers was done with stuff like that!!!

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