anyone care to share what they got? 

I got CDs: The Cure, Of Montreal, and the Annuals.

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I wonder where the of Montreal and Annuals CDs came from..

I dunno what I got yet. The only thing I know about is a nice briefcase.

Ponyo on Blu-ray... I still can't grow a beard

a f****** 1 way train ticket

Im waiting for The Pinkerton Diaries and Alone III to come in the mail!!!

Update time:

I also got a watch, wine kit, nice clothes, Scribblenauts for WiiU, Bailey's, stocking stuffers, and a fancy power cord for my pedal board.

a dvd, a sweater 1 size too small, and a book to read in the bathroom

Thanks secret santa ;) It's back in my clutches.....

some records, cash, and a broken toe.

Yikes! What happened?

happy otter said:

some records, cash, and a broken toe.

I got money, gift cards, fancy shmancy lotion, and a broken down car that we had to tow on Christmas night. Got an estimate this morning and it'll cost $800 to fix it. Yee haw.

my brother's fiancée sent me something, but it hasn't arrived yet so i'm not sure what it is....but apparently it is super cool from what i hear.  also, my grandma gave me $50 (score!). 

lots and lots of alcohol

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