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Psh, I spent our tax return two months ago. The man got a new wardrobe and we bought some new furniture for my son's room. Nothing too exciting.

At least not as exciting as hookers and blow.

I'm going to buy more guitar gear.

i got a decent amount back even though i only worked half a year in the US in 2012. Because I'm paying student loan interest, they gave me almost all my money back.

I'm using it for food and rent....and scotch.

So besides the hookers & blow

  • going to Miami next weekend
  • probably gonna buy a new-ish turn table when I get back

i bought a vacuum cleaner

Had to replace our ac/heating unit.  

i bought two plane tickets to, uh, chattanooga.

I'll actually be buying one of these. 

G Foo Chombey said:

I'm going to buy more guitar gear.

the government owes me a lot of money.  the problem is, my taxes had to be filed through paper as there was a heavy amount of paperwork involved in my situation.  so unfortunately, I haven't bought myself anything with my refund.

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