What are some songs you wish Weezer would play at concerts, but you know they probably never will?

For me:


Blast Off

Teenage Victory Song

Glorious Day

Mad Kow


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Longtime Sunshine, Get me some, The Purification of Water, Trainwrecks.
deff. teenage victory song.


"Get Me Some"

"Angel and the One"


"Fall Together"

Bohemian Rhapsody.


On a more serious note, Pig and Miss Sweeney. I can see why they don't do Pig, but Miss Sweeney is SO amazing.

Longtime sunshine, slob, Miss Sweeney...

Mykel and Carli tribute version

Waiting On You


Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World

The Angel and The One


Miss Sweeney

Getting Up and Leaving

Tragic Girl

Blowin' My Stack

Run Away

Private Message

Mad Kow album 5 piano version

Any collection of Homie songs

Songs From The Black H*** in its entirety (ending with Longtime Sunshine coda)








































fluck's thread was better imo.

F@#$ yes!!! That would be EPIC!!!


Also Mykel and Carli and The Weight

Eric said:

Bohemian Rhapsody.


Well but I made this one first...

Farkas said:








































fluck's thread was better imo.

any SS2K (ill even take that version of hash pipe! especially if Mikey ever joins them on stage again!)


mykel and carli



getting up and leaving

long time sunshine

any green b-sides

RIVERS original piano version of smile

and i know everyone'll hate me for this.... Crab

Pig, Run Away, Waiting On You, Tragic Girl, Slave, The Other Way, I Don't Want to Let You Go, Private Message, Thought I Knew, Hot Tub, Longtime Sunshine, The Angel and the one

Anything off Hurley that hasnt been played live yet



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