What are some songs you wish Weezer would play at concerts, but you know they probably never will?

For me:


Blast Off

Teenage Victory Song

Glorious Day

Mad Kow


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Tragic Girl would be the best pick here. Best Weezer song in my opinion.
I would personally love to hear " I was made for you".
"I was Made for You" and "Blowin My Stack" must be added to my list. Also I'd dig "Trampoline" and "Im a Robot". Robot's solo is so siiiick. Heck, I bet "Everyone" would be great live. Noticing most of these late choices, its clear I forgot about DTFM
The Angel And The One, Tragic Girl, Pig

Richard Dent said:
I would love to hear The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World especially the second verse.

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