What are some songs you wish Weezer wouldn't play at concerts, but you know they probably always will?


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so Gregor has the maladroit era thing right!! That'd be a rocking show!!! The only problem I have with J. Rockets is My name is Jonas should always be played at a Weezer show! Otherwise that dude is saying what most Weezer fans want! well i also want them to come back to oregon!!! I also thought of Rooney when i saw johnny rockets post..... If anyone cares...

Farkas said:
Any of the singles. I would actually rather hear b sides, unreleased and unheard tracks than songs that I hear all the time. 
There's too many.
Basically the whole Greatest Hits thing. I know they want to please to the average viewer, but Buddy Holly, Undone and Say It Aint So are enough for the the average viewer and they are actually awesome, hard-core fan favorites. Play those, but change everything up. That doesn't mean NEVER to play the other singles, but mix it up a bit. Also play less of the Post-Pinkerton stuff in general. There is some good material from it, but less of the s*** basically.


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