Just curiosity what kind of collection you all out there have.


This isn't everything, but a new addition to my collection.


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A proper Happy Birthday to you then sir =)

Also, best birthday present ever, early or otherwise!

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

Thanks for the belated birthday wish but it's actually right on time, my birthday is today! (Nov 6th) .... This was an early b-day present.  Maybe I could scan some of the missing 'zines if I get a chance.  You can't tell from the picture, but under the Spring 1997 weezines is the last one, the Mykel & Carli "Hear You Me" issue still sealed in their envelopes. 

Cherrie said:

those are awesome...happy (belated?) birthday too

Are there full scans of the original Weezines up anywhere? Would be a cool addition to add to Weezerpedia...

Daniel [bleed0range] said:

I've got a few autographed albums, a few set lists and the like... but recently I just got a bunch of original issues of the Weezine from the 90s as a birthday gift, which was pretty cool.

Yes, would love to see pics!

RiversPinkerton said:

I have tonnes of stuff and found it all recently when I moved house. Weezine's, original 90s LPs and 7" singles, Promo CDs, cassettes, a flag from the green album stuff and a pinkerton lyrics book among other stuff I should photograph and put up here.

It's a poster of a concert on the 13. October at the Cologne E-Werk of the 2001 german tour. The complete tour has been cancelled.

Can of diet Coke bought for me after dark by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer in 1997, signed by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer in 1997.

Also red album signed by Weezercollector.

I got an fx pedal Rivers used on-stage for awhile in the early-mid 2000s.  That's probably the rarest thing I own now. 

Looking at these photos makes me feel like my collection is less strange after all.  I used to have a =w= thong, but I haven't actually seen it in some time.  Might have to hunt for it.  

=w= tat!  

Also, very nice!

Hugh Lovric said:

a signed pick from mikey welsh :)

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