i'm rather hoping to get over to west coast this year, my mum is celebrating her 50th by bodding around the world for 6 months, she leaves for NYC in June and will be somewhere on west coast for her birthday in late july. because i'm a top son i was thinking of flying out to surprise her, there are also a lot of cool people on here that i would like to meet!! 
she should of planned out where she will exactly be in the next month so i can make a decision then, also if anyone has ideas of good places to visit that would be appreciated. and if anyone fancies it i was thinking of going to the weezer concert on the 26th july (sorry, it's ATNW) and spending my birthday in vegas! 

P.S trevor, if you're reading this... last year you said we could go and get hammered around LA \o/ 

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Vegas is like Disney world for adults. Can't go wrong there :)

yes, i can make good on my promise!

your mum sounds awsm!

Wish I could visit you whilst you're in LA! I'll be busy saving up for a certain ocean voyage that I'm expecting you to be on as well.

Go to In n Out Burger

Edgey, I think you should go to the July 27th show in Vegas instead.

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