Hey folks, just wanted to THANK YOU for coming over and joining me and the band on the new home of Weezer.com!  whole point of setting this up was to make a weezer fan+band community thats fun and full of potential for sharing cool stuff with each other - be you fan, band member, or whatever. We're all here because of weezer.

A very important point that i want to make is that this site is still a work in progress! We have taken all of the fans suggestions and wish lists that were posted online and emailed to me, and we have worked hard to include everything we can. Certain details are still being sorted out though. Some things we'll have in place within a few days, other things could take longer to create or change. Were working with our host Ning to get things right. Fortunately, one of the many cool things about the site is that its an open system, where the developers can build features as we go. So thanks again, explore, and enjoy!

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sounds good. thanks for the update!

karl koch said:
looks like were going 100% Ning after all - we will be pushing the Ning people HARD for the member ranking type features that are common on ezboard boards. For now we'll deal. IMO its bizarre that this is not integral to their dealio. Apparently they had such a thing a while back but removed most of it in a revamp a year or so ago. So we know they can do it. So anyway, i think the plusses of the all-in-one site defeat the board features we want that result in dual login trouble. SO.... lets get ready for a big ol influx of people..... one thing we might do is hide or lock some of these "mod" threads. but for now were good.

the other immediate question is can we create sub-boards (atw. atnw, etc). ill see what i can do...
I agree with Ali. I think ATW and ATNW are two essentials to the online Weezer fan community.
I think it's best to keep it all in one place Karl :) woooot
Hey Karl, is it possible for people to have a "subheadding" like in some forums It would say Username, and then in a smaller font underneath it would have a subheading, being something the user writes for themself or something the board designates like "junior member" ... I was thinking if people could have a subheading under their user name, they could post their old username or something distinguishing them that could be seen without having to look at their profile. The band of course could have an official mark as part of the band like mods could have one that IDs them as mods.
VERY cool Karlewsky. The only issue I've seen so far is the drag and drop photos app - when I drag and drop any picture onto the box on the page, I just get shown the picture...used the simple uploader for now.

Is there a file or size limit on the number of photos I can add? It says 50 per day?

Other than that, honoured to be "officially" recognised as it were, and hope to post to my page everytime I get something new!

=W= weezercollector =W=
thanks karl.............its awesome
i'm liking it. the main thing we need is a quote button IMO.
the main thing we need is a quote button IMO.

there ya go--i quoted you.
well, that's how we did it back then.
rock steady y'all.
We need a Weezer musical discussion section. Not just an ordinary musical discussion section, one with substance.

I propose that we create a section geared toward real musical discussion. Not a section like the last one with threads like, "What's your favorite song", but with threads more along the lines of, "The importance of a key change in 'You Wont Get With Me Tonight' ". Threads about rankings do not belong in this section. Only real musical discussion regarding things like, recording techniques, scales, time signatures, song progression/ dynamics. Belong in the section.

Threads regarding such are pushed to the bottom of ATW, these threads take more time to develop as it's not too popular with the average fan.

I also propose that only Bleed Orange mod the section.

Let's get this rolling Karl.
it's kind of annoying how people can reply to posts and their responses are inserted after the comment they're responding to, rather than at the end of the thread.

could new replies just be added to the end of the thread rather than inserted in a non-linear fashion? having a quote function would help as it would make clear who was responding to who.
I agree, especially since there is no one big "REPLY TO THREAD" button as most boards usually have on the right.
yeah, PLEASE could we get a 'flat' reply format asap, so all new posts are added to the end of the thread?

as it stands right now, it's very difficult to follow discussions, espeically when you just want to see the most recently added posts.

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