How have people been liking buying tickets on weezertix?


Overall I like it; for the slightly cheaper fees than Ticketmaster; and how it seems (most) shows we have pre-sales without having to enter a code. I’ve been able to get better seats in the early minutes than when trying to fight on Ticketmaster during the first minutes after a sale opens.


Downside (for me) is that it’s usually Will Call or mailed hard tickets. Although I do like having a tangible ticket for collecting/nostalgia purposes, I prefer instant download when possible; as I am usually buying tix pretty far in advance, and instant download/print yourself tix are so much easier to sell if necessary (unthinkable, I know; but life happens outside of Weezer…sometimes haha).


NOTE TO Weezertix/GroundCRTL though: Your email confirmations should really list the concert date that I am buying for! And perhaps the venue would be nice too; but at the very least the date of the concert, if it is to be proof that I bought tix for that specific show, especially if they are Will Call tix. At the moment the email confirmations only list out cryptic SKU/order/inventory numbers that mean little to me when I am trying to figure out which show I have tix to.

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