I'm sure we are all aware of weezer's sales record for the past few albums.

While they say they come to expect it, I think there's a few things that if corrected maybe they'd be selling a bit more.


1. The amount of output.

Yes rivers, we do love getting a lot of material and as much as possible. Thing is when you put an album out every year there's less time to promote each album.  I remember being on twitter once and someone said " I just heard weezer's new single"... Guess what song it was. If your wondering If I want you to.

This was pretty recent to, when hurley was out.


Albums are coming out so frequently now that people probably don't even realize there's a new release already.

Make believe had years to promote, you guys did a cover story for it, interviews, press, singles were released immediately with music videos not far behind. Not to mention a lengthy tour where you played a good amount of the album.


Rivers recently did an interview with guitar center saying he's throwing ideas around, maybe doing a really special album or going a singles release route.


It would be a shame to send out a song every so often instead of getting a physical album.

I think if weezer just got together and worked on an album, didn't release it right away but did a lot of press for it would help a lot.  Maybe 2 or 3 years instead of 1.


I think sprinkling side projects in between a big album is probably the best of both worlds for the band. Release a song every so often but keep working on an album set for release in a few years.

So does anyone think it's the market change or maybe how they approach marketing that is causing less sales?

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I paid for Pinkerton Deluxe on vinyl, does that count?

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