Anybody else out there get anything from this?  I wasn't expecting to, but I came across a Pac Sun today while roaming the mall and couldn't help myself...

... I didn't buy it all, lol.  But I got the beanie.  It's pretty cool and probably only going to be around for awhile and eventually be hard to come by so I wanted to snag it up.  I really want that jacket though. haha.  I plan to eventually get it.

Did you pick anything up from the Pac Sun stores yet?  If so, what did you get?

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$80 Jacket pshhhh. Want.
I bought the green t shirt
I wanted that too haha. I'm on vacation so I'm on a budget right now or I would have got the t-shirt too. But mainly I want that jacket to go with my beanie. Jacket's actually pretty sweet.
I got me the Scott Shriner "Devestator" cod piece.
too expensive.
I got the black shirt. I would've gotten the green shirt but the only thing they had at the one near me was the black shirt.
That's the same vest Rivers wore at the Paso Robles show in CA. Looks like it's a pretty cool clothing line, but we'll probably stick with just Weez tees. I bet they're gonna cash in though.
The new clothing stuff is pretty crap.
Check out my profile pic... I work the vest rite?
haha, definitely. Nice that it got featured on the main page too.
bump for consumerism
Although I didn't buy it, my parents bought me the =w= hurley jacket as a present haha.

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