After listening to Hurley I was a little disapointed that there weren't many guitar solos. Only one, in Smart Girls, and it was really good. So why don't they do more? The Green album was the same deal.


Here is a list of weezer's best solo's in my opinion:

1. Devotion - I don't think the song is great but the solo is amazing, the best

2. Say it ain't so - i think everyone can agree with this one

3. Tired of Sex- insanely awesome!

4. Pink Triangle- strangest and darkest guitar solo I ever heard

5. Lets Sew our pants together - their old style was so great

6. Theif You've taken all that was me - if you haven't heard it look it up


also Maladroit has some sick solo's!

What do you think?


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Seafaring Jamb's solo is EPIC!
thumbs up.

edgey44 said:

Eileen S said:
Three words: Only. In. Dreams.

and they ALL follow the vocal melody

blakesp26 said:
Same deal with green?  There are a ton of guitar solos in green
Falling For You and Tired of Sex are my top picks
I would genuinely by an album filled only with Weezer solo's. Better yet, a video of all the solo's played live, ordered chronologically from My name is Jonas until Smart Girls.
One of my favorites as well.  So much emotion in so few notes.

matedog said:
Anyone else have love for the Mykel and Carli solo? I love how it starts with the "Hear you me" melody and then diverges upward resolving at the root. Short but sweet.
fall together
Definitely Tired of Sex. Also, Mykel and Carli's short solo is awesome!

Love Acoss the sea's solo, and tired of sex (if i only had a damn 24th frett on my guitar to play that last note lol)

El Scorcho and The Good Life have my 2 favourite solo's... TGL has epic slide usage and i can't even explain the amount of awesome in that little solo thing in el scorcho
I was wondering if anyone was going to acknowledge this song.

sarah leeper said:
fall together
Frick yeah!  My favorite weezer solo.  It kicks you in the face!  Also the only one I've bothered to learn how to play!

David T said:
the solo in susanne is one of my favorites

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