After listening to Hurley I was a little disapointed that there weren't many guitar solos. Only one, in Smart Girls, and it was really good. So why don't they do more? The Green album was the same deal.


Here is a list of weezer's best solo's in my opinion:

1. Devotion - I don't think the song is great but the solo is amazing, the best

2. Say it ain't so - i think everyone can agree with this one

3. Tired of Sex- insanely awesome!

4. Pink Triangle- strangest and darkest guitar solo I ever heard

5. Lets Sew our pants together - their old style was so great

6. Theif You've taken all that was me - if you haven't heard it look it up


also Maladroit has some sick solo's!

What do you think?


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I think that Dope Nose has a great solo in it. It has a nice shredder feel and is a concert highlight.
Yeah I don't really like the new album either. The same goes with Raditude.

Back from the past, they do made great solos in their songs.

I personally like the solos in Maladroit album.
I don't really like one in the Green Album coz it's "too easy" to play them.
The rest is ok.

Rivers is a f****** sick person eh!
Keep up your good work!
the solo in susanne is one of my favorites
That's one of my favorites, too. The whole song is so great, but that solo really stands out!

David T said:
the solo in susanne is one of my favorites
didn't know solos were possessive
Tired of Sex's solo awakens Rivers inner shredder.
Not liking "Devotion" is dangerously close to just not liking Weezer.
There is no Weezer solo I don't like, and I MISS THEM.

I remember hearing Trippin' Down The Freeway's solo for the first time and almost tearing up because it'd been roughly 20 songs (from track 12 on Make Believe, to track 6 on Raditude, excluding "Automatic" because of it's shortness) since the last Weezer solo.

Maladroit blew my mind with the solos. Green albums solos are simple, but the melodies are so good, that they still sound great.

Waiting on You also has a great solo. Maybe Rivers thinks that guitar solos aren't meant for pop music, but I would disagree with him everytime on that.
check out this montage of solos that my friend played in a tribute show we played earlier this month.

its basically all of the blue stuff with some others.
Same deal with green?  There are a ton of guitar solos in green
Is Haunt You Everyday the only =w= song with 2 solos?

Eileen S said:
Three words: Only. In. Dreams.

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