weezer have had 3 bassist which 
Matt Sharp
Mikey Welsh 
and scott shriner 

my fav is scott shriner or maybe matt sharp 
what is your outlook on it?

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scott :)
I love the interview when Rivers is describing how W picked Scott: "'Send the baddest, meanest, most evil guy you got.' And he sent Scott. And I said, 'OK, cool. You're in.' [It was] that easy. He's got a gold tooth"

Cameron Cannon said:
Gotta agree with Mikey, such a badass, and i love the look and attitude he added to the band, the Pop/Skater/Stoner age that sorta defines the early 2000's... but i guess that's the style i'm into nowadays. Gotta love Scott though, like, how can you not love this? Plus you gotta love the 50's-60's Fender P-Basses
SS2K PUNK said:

mikey welsh! love the vibe he gave the band. while matt is absolutely classic, and shriner is absolutely DEVASTATING, mikey is just so stylish and cool and blatantly stoned! and hilarious! while on Green Rivers restricted his playing as much as possible (although he busted out some great ascending chords on DLG and laid down the perfect groove for IITS), if you listen to the other stuff he was doing at the time, he was just so perfect for weezer, at least with the poppy stuff they were doing. the fills in o girl, the way the bass soars in TLTT's bridge "WHY!", the great melodic lurches in slob, the chorus line in sister song, and so on. and he laid down such a classic bass line for butterfly. yes, HE invented the roaming butterfly bass, not shriner. and yet again, just the attitude he gave weezer, what a bad ass. especially with the punk pop/skater style W had when they came back in 2000. definitely my fave weezer period and mikey makes it.


need i say more? and did i mention he did all this while stoned? while getting all of weezer stoned?


case closed! without a doubt one of pop/rock's greatest bassists ever!

Scott, duh


Matt doesn't deserve as much credit as some people think

Kommandant said:

Mikey, duh


Scott and Matt don't deserve as much credit as some people think


this site ... ಠ_ಠ said:
Kommandant said:

Mikey, duh


Scott and Matt don't deserve as much credit as some people think

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