WeezerLip Extravaganza! (that's how it's billed in the press release) is almost here.

Check out the sketch plans for the intro - including a giant pulsating rainbow screen and Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne in bubble while Rivers is in his raft!


Also check out Wayne's NSFW poster for the shows http://tiny.cc/dfm5h 

I'm tweeting updates at http://twitter.com/futureheartday

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hey, are you going to the weezer/flaming lips concert?

you'll have to check http://twitter.com/futureheartday to find out!

fog is my name [berry] said:

hey, are you going to the weezer/flaming lips concert?

Karl, anybody related to WeezerLip, are there any plans to record this great event for the masses?!? I am sadly unable to attend and would die to see it.


I'm seeing the Lips tomorrow in Boston, hoping for a surprise =W= appearance, also debating going to Wayne's signing at the Harvard Sq. Newbury Comics. I feel like Rivers could show up and it is driving me crazy! Trying not to get me hopes up

Can't wait to go on Thursday!

Yep. Both nights.  I'll be doing some sort of pre-show Parking Lot Experiment Zaireeka Party type thing before the Jones Beach show.  All are welcome!


Also, it looks like the posters are being finished printed as I type this (I'll update the post I linked above, soon).  And for those that didn't see, Wayne tweeted a few intro videos.

fog is my name [berry] said:

hey, are you going to the weezer/flaming lips concert?
WeezerLip sounds like a worse name than B*********
This concert should be filmed for a DVD because this is probably never going to happen for either band again.
wtf, lewis. why would you think that?

Lewis Digges said:

I don't think that anyone on here (including me) knows any of TFL's songs or a song that would be their biggest hit. 

I don't know any Sugar Ray songs aside from Someday. I will withhold my thoughts on said song.
lewis, you sound bitter about the lips sharing a stage with weezer. just beacuse you're not familiar with them doesn't mean many other people here aren't.

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