Hi all - hoping you can help with some Weezer.com final launch items...

1) We need to get Weezer music video embed codes from Vevo. They are most unhelpful. Would love if you posted replies here with the embed codes for all the classic WEezer music videos. Check the replies to avoid duplication maybe? http://www.vevo.com/artist/weezer

2) Which threads should be removed before public launch?


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'Sup Ben

Can you make a sub-forum purely for moderators and admins? The pre-launch subforums could be converted to that. Otherwise, feel free to get rid of my two threads. They're stupid.
Hope this helps, hit EDIT COMMENT to get the codes.. I didn't know how to paste just the text of the codes without it actually embedding the video.

Here's some Rivers Cuomo related videos from his Alone series you might want to add (they're on the old .com so I thought maybe they would fit in here too):

Hey there's too many videos on this page, it's slowing down my computer, so i'm going to post the rest in a different thread.
will this whole ning thing just be embedded into the .com as is?
I'm wondering if they're still planning on using the vevo videos now.


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