The World Has Turned and Left Me Here is my favorite weezer song. Watching this video always made me want to make rock music myself.


My first real night at college, I met some of my best friends and we stayed out on campus watching youtube videos. I showed them this Tired of Sex performance. I still hang out with those people today. The solo always kills me here.


Seeing the Greatest Man live for the first time!!


Jamie, of course. This was a a perfect moment. at 3:02 you can see me waving my arm to the beat on the far right.


more to come....





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Cool vids.
This was the second time I witnessed "Only In Dreams" live but this time they nailed it. Was jaw-dropping to watch.
As random as this may seem, the solo on this performance of "Perfect Situation" inspired me to start playing guitar again.

Seeing Rivers improvise an outro solo on Perfect Situation was absolutely shiver-inducing. One of my favorite moments from all the times I have seen the band.

And finally...
This needs to be on the next album... sans Rivers' banter, of course.

I don't feel like explaining..

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