Seems inevitable they recorded that cover together. I've been going back and forth between these two bands as being my favorite power poppers still doing their thing after around 20 years of being together. They are very different in some ways (1 songwriter vs. 4, Weezer rocks more often) but I find both to be great, often introspective melodic rock and I very much look forward to upcoming albums. So who is the best for you? Obviously this board will be biased so maybe you can put a number value up to 10 for each to show how close they were (if at all.)


Weezer: 9

Sloan: 9


If you don't know who Sloan is I demand you look up the videos for Witches Wand, She Says What She Means, Fading Into Obscurity, All Used Up and Unkind. Or just go on Amazon and buy the 70+ minute, 30 song album Never Hear the End Of It for the ridculous price of $7. Best bang for the buck I've seen for a new CD that qualifies for super saver. It was also one of the best albums of that year IMO.

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