what is it?

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It's an alternative take of Mykel and Carli.
Edit: Nevermind. Misread your post. I thought you said iTunes store. The one in the Weezer Store doesn't say what it is. If it's the same as this one: http://www.store.livenation.com/Dept.aspx?cp=13281_16771_41070_41071 , then it's "Yellow Camaro."
Doesn't exclusive mean it's probably not "Outta Here", "Yellow Camaro", or the alternate "Mykel & Carli", though? I hope so.
hope its something different. I want to get as many tracks as I can.
I purchased the CD off of shop.weezer.com, so hopefully there is a way I can legally purchase just the bonus tracks. I doubt there will be though.
they should sell bonus songs mp3's somewhere after it's out.
you can usually find high quality rips at allthingsweezer.com

since there are limited edition things, I guess everyone feels its ok to give them out after those presales are over.
True, but I would prefer to buy them. IDK.
but once the pre-sale is over they won't be selling it any more.

Joseph Wortman said:
True, but I would prefer to buy them. IDK.

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