for songs like unspoken, why bother, the good life, etc... did you like the acoustic version better?


for me, the acoustic version of unspoken as featured in the guitar center session, was WAY better than the original on hurley.


thoughts people?


(if someone has already done a thread similar to this, i am sorry. and sorry if this thread is extremely retarded)

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Agreed 100%.

I agree. I like the regular Say it Ain't So better than the acoustic one, but i think Unspoken sounds better acoustic.

SubwayWolf said:
"Unspoken" sounds great acoustic. I also liked  "Say it Ain't So" acoustic on Video Capture Device. Awesome.

Acoustic Jamie and No One Else are much better than the originals.  Undone acoustic is pretty great too, though not better than the original. 

But personally, I disagree about unspoken.  I love how it kicks into the electric at the end, I think it really adds to the song.  And the flute and strings are amazing.

It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. I love the acoustics, but I love the originals just as much.

I change my mind.

I prefer the album versions of all the songs, including Unspoken.

But I really love many of the acoustic versions.

No One Else, Jamie, and Unspoken are my favorite acoustics, but I prefer the original, electric versions.

Can't Stop Partying Acoustic is AMAZING!

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