Whenever I'm fustrated or just need to get away I go to my room get my iPod and listen to weezer. What weezer song just relaxes you no matter what happens? Mine is only in dreams

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There is loads, mainly from Red, Green, Blue and Raditude.
angel and the one

I was feeling pretty down once, and Hash Pipe came on. That song really relaxes no one. NO ONE. 

Perfect Situation relaxes me. So does Dope Nose.

oh, and Losing my Mind
Their version of Velouria
hmmm hard to say, there's so many, though Dreamin' is definitely in there
Mmm.. Only In Dreams.. I love that one... that one may be mine too.

The intro to Perfect Situation pumps me up every time.


The Good Life makes me want to go out.


The World Has Turned grounds me.


The Angel and The One gives me peace.

Only In Dreams will always make me smile


Possibilities always gets me pumped


Angel and the One makes me reflect on life.  mainly about past relationships

America said:
angel and the one
I dont know, but Hash Pipe makes me feel awesome. 
um, island in the sun anyone?

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