I saw a guy wearing this shirt last night and would really like to have one!! I searched all over the Internet and couldn't find it :( just wondering if anyone had any ideas of where I could one. 

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I just want the shirt and no trouble thanks...

Adrienne said:
I checked and officially failed :(. Yes I called you a liar because you were making fun of my post!! There's no reason to start cursing an being a jerk thank you!!

Jeri said:
It's an old tour shirt, my guess is check on ebay.
oh sorry i thought you wanted trouble. i'll be on my way.
Thank you ssooooooooo much. I might love you!!

revolver ocelot ◕‿◕ [berry] said:
i'm going to buy that shirt right now.
You make me laugh so much.
That was a really cool shirt.

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