First of all: I'm the new one, hi!

I found something pretty interesting. It's the Weezer 2009/2010 Tourrider. For those who don't know what it is: It's a kind of contract where everything from food in the wardrobe to lights needed on stage is defined. Maybe some of you would like to see it. So here it is: WEEZER_RIDER.pdf

30 pages full of bureaucratic stuff but still with some interesting lines.

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Cool to see something like this surface. Unfortunately, I don't think I found a single bit of tasty gossip in there. Oh well. Thanks for posting!

what do you mean, no dirty gossip.  You see how many damn towels they request?!?!?!

Towels: All towels must be soft and lint free and freshly laundered prior to event.
WEEZER total towel requirement: 6 dozen bath towels, 16 mid size towels and 18
small towels.

6 dozen = 72 towels.  Wonder what they do with them all.

I'm mainly kidding with this.  It's only kind of weird.

I also found this funny: 

Please supply all hot cups, plates and bowls using paper products. NO

who do you think drinks Coors light? Scooooooooooooooott

(sorry if this double-posted, having browser issues today)  I love reading riders. Foo Fighters have a really good one that explains some of their requests and is just a fun read, giving some insight into life on the road. When I worked in the production field, I found that the more specific, the better for everyone involved. (Most of the towels are probably for the crew. Or maybe to clean up after the wild parties.)

I wish weezer's current rider specified a good high-speed wifi connection in the dressing room so we could get more awesome ustream broadcasts.

what a bunch of f****** divas!

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