... but I have a really big posing question. I read the guidelines this year and it says "all patrons have to be 18 on weekend concerts," and that show's on a Saturday. I'm 17, but I went last year during a freakin' BEERFEST. So I think that's lame. Is there any way to get in anyways? I mean I'm pretty sure I can get in either way since it's general admission, they can't possibly check everyone. But still... I saw them last year, and I saw them in LA on the Memories run, so I really can't miss them this time.

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Well, last year, when I was 17 and I went to the Del Mar show, my dad paid for my ticket and we got in free. So just have a parent come along with you and pay? Or someone that's 18 and older? If they pay, you'll get in for sure I think.

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