The Weezer Pinkerton 4 x LP pre-order is up! Not to mention a store, ShopRadioCast, is offering it for only $42.99!!! That is only about $10 and change an LP! Check it out and the price is for pre-order only

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Awesome! I gotta check iTunes now. Which was funny because I was reading Pinkerton reviews in another window.
So then... is THAT the final track list? How many damn live versions of The Good Life and Pink Triangle need to be released? If it's gonna be filled to the brim with alternate versions, they might as well have dug up the Ft. Apache demo of No Other One or a live version of Falling For You, both of which have no alt. versions on the set while live and alternate versions of PT/TGL/ES pretty much swallow the set whole. More wishful thinking on my part? The "Angus" soundtrack version of YGYLTMS, and wouldn't You Won't Get With Me Tonight have made more sense on Alone 3, seeing as it's just a Rivers Demo? A lot of these baffling inclusions and omissions will keep me from buying the 4xLP set.

Positives, though... I Swear It's True, Getting Up and Leaving, Tragic Girl and... FINALLY... the full band version of Longtime Sunshine. For these, I will definitely buy the CD edition. It's a shame that Superfriend and Blast Off! aren't here though... :/
That's a pretty damn good price.
this is listed on amazon for $26.99

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