It saddens me that we do not have a place to discuss the specifics of Weezer's music. This needs to be fixed.

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Yeah baby!
I have no idea why people think there needs to be a seperate forum. It's about weezer so post it here.
Yeah, having all weezer related topics makes it easier for the discussions with substance to get pushed to the bottom.
That was an example of internet sarcasm.
I'm on board for a musical thread
Coming from the ghost herself!
Not a section like the last one with threads like, "What's your favorite song", but with threads more along the lines of, "The importance of a key change in 'You Wont Get With Me Tonight' ". Threads about rankings do not belong in this section. Only real musical discussion regarding things like, recording techniques, scales, time signatures, song progression/ dynamics. Belong in the section.

Threads regarding such are pushed to the bottom of ATW, these threads take more time to develop as it's not too popular with the average fan.

I also propose that only Bleed Orange mod the section.

Let's get this rolling Karl.
I'm on board too. The lack of a musical discussion forum will congest ATW. Easier to sort through when forums are broken down a bit more.
You'd be less annoying if you were actually funny.
you know the history of WMD, right?

It was created when TheGrudgeX was made a mod years ago, because he ran a separate fan forum - WIDF (Weezer Introspective Discussion Forum), which was kinda of like an elitist forum specifically for "intelligent" or in-depth discussion on songs.
It's been added....ask and you shall receive.

this is a recording said:
Ah, you must be an a****** then.

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