It saddens me that we do not have a place to discuss the specifics of Weezer's music. This needs to be fixed.

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hopefully something will be sorted soon.

if i remember correctly one of the last topics on the old boards was how awesome scott is!
I'm not on board with that.

Then again, I'm a Matt Sharp guy ;)
Ah, you must be an a****** then.
but it really is
are you mattsharp4eve?
Marc is not Kenny.
i agree....bring it back so we can keep telling people that their topic is not appropriate for this forum and to move it to atw.
I like it better this way. Now I don't have to look at two different forums. Many of the topics in ATW are music related anyway.
I agree. It is easiest having all weezer related topics in one area so that none are missed.
It's not really necessary imo, but it could be added easily
Is iTunes the only way to get the bonus tracks?

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