I have a good idea for a musical (note: not rock opera, a musical) based on Weezer's Pinkerton with addition of some other songs from Blue, Red, Death to False Metal, and Hurley. I realize that Green Day just did a Rock Opera a few years ago that is touring now, but this musical would be a lot different in structure and substance. I've given the plot a ton of thought and made sure that there weren't any loose plot lines and good character development. I don't want to share the plot just yet unless anyone reading this is interested in hearing about it and wants to know what the musical is about. Also, to be clear, I am not actually producing this musical or putting it on anywhere, this is just an idea that I have and wanted to see if anybody (Rivers, possibly) would want to hear my idea. Reply if you're interested.

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share the plot.

A rock band called Getchoo is on tour and the lead singer, Justin Jacobs, is upset because he's been having way too many one night stands and desperately wants to find true love (Tired of Sex). His band tries to work on some new songs while on tour, but Justin is too busy signing up for dating sites and trying to re-kindle old flames online, so the other founding member of the band, Nate Brandt, decides to break up the band (Getchoo). SO, Justin then angrily leaves his hotel room to find his "true love" expecting her to show up right there. Then, he runs into Susanne, the stage manager for that concert that night at the hotel and he woos her (Susanne). He wakes up and she's gone. Distraught, he lies in bed crying. Nate bids adieu to his latest one night stand and sees another woman right outside his room that he would LOVE to sleep with. So, he hits on her and she snaps back knowing that he's a womanizer that just wants to V and nothing else (I Don't Want Your Loving). We go back to Justin and he barges in drunk to a party nearby his hotel and makes out with the first attractive girl he sees (Troublemaker). Turns out she's a drugee and crazy party-er, but he doesn't care. He decides to take her to meet his parents. As he shows up to his parents house, presumably a few days later, he's still drunk and introduces this awful woman to his very conservative parents (No Other One). His parents disapprove, as they have always done, and get very angry and upset with Justin for choosing this woman as his love (This Is Such A Pity). Once Justin sobers up, he realizes his relationship is DOA and breaks it with this drug addict, party girl (Why Bother?). We go back to Nate, and he has married the woman who called him out for being a manwhore. He's fat though and it has been a few years since the band was together. He has two small children and is happy with himself and doesn't give a s*** (Pork and Beans). We go back to Justin and he receives a fan letter from a girl in Japan. She tells him how much she loves Getchoo's music and how much it has influenced her to play the cello. By now, we know how Justin can fall in love very easily. He falls in love with this Japanese girl and is determined to see her (Across the Sea). He realizes the only way to do this is to get back together with his band and start touring again. So he is able to talk Nate into it by showing him how shitty his life has gotten (The Good Life).



Nate and Justin are excited to get back into the game but they are having a rough time writing new songs. Then, Nate mentions writing a song about their fun times way back when (Memories). By the end of the song, a giant Japanese flag and banner reading "Welcome to Japan" are on stage and throughout the song, it shows the song becoming a major international hit, thus leading them to Japan on tour. And wouldn't ya know it, Justin finds this mystery Japanese girl at one of their multiple Japanese tour dates. Turns out he had her escorted to the concert anyway and there was no way she wouldn't be there. She brings him back to her house and they get to know each other very well. Justin is the happiest he's ever been (El Scorcho). Meanwhile, Nate saves a girl from a group of guys that were sexually assaulting her. Then, by instinct, he starts to flirt with her anyway. She calls him out on it, like his wife, and they both try to push each other away (You Won't Get With Me Tonight). By the end of the song, they end up sleeping together anyway. As Justin tries to finally make his move on his Japanese love, she lets him know that she is in fact a lesbian and her lover, who is no other than the woman Nate was just with comes home (Pink Triangle). Justin realizes there's nothing he can do but he is so in love wit this girl that he can't stop loving her and he must let her know that (Falling For You). She succumbs to him because of her love for his music and ends up having a night of passion with him, despite her sexuality. The next morning, Justin wakes up and is as ready as ever to just run away with this girl and ha made plans to ditch his band, his fame, his life for her (Holiday). The Japanese girl is so upset that she disrupted her values as a lesbian and mad at herself that she just can't go with him. She throws him out of the house, and after she does, she isn't proud of it and is sad about it even. Sad that she had to leave him and sad that she broke her moral code (I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams). Justin goes back to his hotel room and Nate is in the middle of packing his stuff and leaving. When asked why, Nate calmly, at first, then escalating, tells Justin that he found out about his plan to run away with this girl (by the girl Nate slept with the previous night) and that the only reason he got the band back together was to find her. Justin gets home and, in shambles, writes an acoustic ballad called "Butterfly" (Butterfly) and that song ends up being a big solo hit single for him. It's a song that apologizes for everything he did. From forcing love on to the Japanese girl, to lying to Nate. Once the song becomes a hit, he gets another letter from the Japanese girl and the lights slowly fade. 


moved this from the musical discussion forum (although maybe we should use that as a dedicated forum for people's weezer musical ideas...)

Thanks. I freaked out for a minute because I couldn't find the forum where it was before. This is a better place for the forum, anyways. :)

uh can you summarize that plot any further.

Chris Jowett said: Basically it's about a rock star's quest to find love while destroying everything else in his life. Like, he's so focused on wanting to find true love, that his band breaks up and his parents shun him and he loses pretty much everything. HOWEVER, it is not all gloomy throughout the whole thing. It's actually quite the dramedy.

 TGMTEL is essential in any weezer rock musical imho  (unless its a SFTBH performance)

That song is awesome! Maybe at the end of Pork and Beans, Nate could sing a little reference to it. I realized though that I Don't Want Your Love was originally going to be on SFTBH but was instead put on Death to False Metal. Didn't know that when I added to song to the plot.

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