Just seeking some more info on the mobile app recently released.  I've checked the content timeline for the past few shows and it seems to pick up random posts, but definitely not all weezer- or concert- related tweets.


Are there some details on how it works or how it's supposed to work?  Does it take our active participation to increase its awesomeness, or is it supposed to automatically show all tweets with "weezer" in the text?


Either way, I dig having the app's icon on my phone. :)

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I haven't had the opportunity to trial the new app, however I appreciate the concept of "active participation to increase its awesomeness".

Neither Karl nor I have iPhones (and the app won't install on my old Touch), so I honestly don't really know how the app works.  Glad you like the app though, if anyone else has any feedback they can post here we would love to hear it.
Thanks for the info. I'll check out the feed tomorrow. I won't be at the show but I'll see if some friends w iPhones who will be there can try to push to the content feed. Thanks!

Yeah, looks like people have to actively add content to the content timeline. I thought it might pick up based on keywords, but it seems not.  I think for people to use it, it will take a real marketing push since it requires extra effort to post there in addition to twitter.  Did I see one show where they set up a hashtag and pulled in content based on that?  That might work if the word gets out about the hashtag.

Thanks - just wanted to share my experience so far.  I still like the icon. :)

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