Made one for the car. What would yours consist of?


Beverly Hills

Simple Pages

Ruling Me

Were All On Drugs

No One Else

I'm Your Daddy

If Your Wondering If I Want You To.....

Pork & Beans

Perfect Situation

This Is Such A Pity

Fall Together

Can't Stop Partying

Freak Me Out

Love Explosion



Surf Wax America

El Scorcho


Hash Pipe

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Maladroit played backwards.
Yours isn't bad minus Beverly Hills and Freak Me Out.
I need to make a new one now...damn..there'll be a lot of Hurley on there...I can't remember the last time I listened to a Weezer album over and over again...
I really dig Simple Pages. Beverly Hills is pretty commercial but so is Pork & Beans. I was reading that the band was kind of pushed into the direction of the record company for writing a top 10 type of song and Pork & Beans was done as a result. I think Beverly Hills is in that same sort of direction song wise. Bands always grow & evolve as time goes on and I enjoy anything that Weezer puts out.
Tired Of Sex
I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
El Scorcho
Mykel & Carli
Knock-Down Drag-Out
The Good Life
Surf Wax America
Why Bother
Run Over By A Truck
Across The Sea
My Name Is Jonas

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