So this is mere speculation, but I wonder if Weezer is going to film the Memories Tour at the Vegas show.  It could be due to scheduling issues that they're only doing one show in that town, but it makes sense to do one show and play both albums if you only want to hire an expensive camera crew for one night.  Food for thought. . .

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mann I hope so

They're recording all of them.

They're recording the sound from all of them.  At SF they had mics pointed at the crowd to pick up their noise, etc.  But it was only Karl going around with a camera.  I'm wondering if they might have a whole crew with multiple cameras for the Vegas show, for a DVD.  It's the most logical reason for doing both albums in one night.  That, or some scheduling problem of course.

Keeping my fingers crossed! I was fortunate enough to see both shows in LA and I'd love a high-quality DVD to better preserve the memory. 


Anyone have a presale password for this show?

edit... nevermind, got it

Scott has confirmed they are filming all of them.  I am aware of this fact.

☺♥ kïttens ♥☺ said:

there is a big difference between a professional crew recording the concert and the guys shooting video for the screens in the venue.

Radioactive said:

They're recording all of them.

This will be sold out and both albums AWESOME!!!!!! the joint is a great venue in a great city.

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