Just for fun, if someone offered you two free tickets to go to both nights of the memories tour in any of the hosting cities and provided you with two free plane tickets to get there from wherever you live...how would you respond?

You'd have to respond with a Weezer lyric. I got this idea from a comment by Jamekae saying he/she would buy a memories DVD "in a heart beat (heaaart beeeeat, heaaart beeeat)."

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Why are you (memories tour) so far a-way froom meee?
" i told you once before that you better not stop the (memories) show"
"I want those tickets to be given to no-one else."
blast off up to the memories tour concert we go!

... lame ahah
And if you looking for me I'm in VIP...
I would say, "You're my best friend and I love you!"
in an island in the sun we'd be going to the memories tour to get some and it makes me feel so fine i can't control my brain
you gave your memories to me softly!!!!
Screw that crap.

MakeUpOnShelf said:
I would say, "You're my best friend and I love you!"
"Holy cow, I think I've got one here, now just what am I supposed to do..."
Girl! If you're wondering if I want to go, I WANT TO GO!
(gurgle gurgle) Gosh dang you stupid-idiot-ticket-scalpers. You do it to me everytime, oh, they put tickets on presale, and go to concert = FAIL!

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