Weezer Loves Their Fans! Which Free Concerts Have You Been To?

We love Weezer and Weezer loves us back by performing at amazing free shows.  I hope the band knows how much we appreciate this--and when the time comes to buy an actual =w= ticket or two, I never feel bad because of how generous they've been in the past providing free shows to the fans!


Noteworthy Free Concerts:

1.  At the derby:  Debut of "Memories" live at Beer Fest in San Diego, CA

2.  At the beach:  US Open of Surfing concert in Huntington Beach, CA

3.  In the desert:  Weezer and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Las Vegas, NV

4.  In a skatepark:  Airborne Skate Park in Detroit, MI


Which free concerts have you attended?

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i didn't realize they did a lot of free shows.
but now that i think about it, i have seen them for free for iheartradio NYC, and virgin free-fest in Maryland
Freefest...but that wasn't free of their choice.
free myspace secret show in san fran last year
axe one night only show in LA last month
I'd feel more love by Weezer if the VIP tickets on the Memories tour weren't $300 each....
They hate us, and are just using us to promote themselves.
girl, i'm not trying to be weird, but you are hot in your picture
Never. Would like to catch them at a free show sometime, or a pay show. I'm just a busy little beaver trying to keep my head above water these days.

Matt Albertsen said:
I'd feel more love by Weezer if the VIP tickets on the Memories tour weren't $300 each....
I should have gone to the Ohio State free concert a couple weeks ago but I am not a student and I THOUGHT only students could get in.. I SHOULD HAVE GONE!!!
Yahoo Live set thingy a few years ago
Troublemaker video? (Don't know if that counts)
US Open in Hunington Beach
Axe One Night Only (best free show ever!!)

That's all I could think of. I love weezer for giving us free shows!

ohh Don't think this counts but I won tickets to the Memories tours here in LA, so again I'll see them for free in November!
Huntington Beach and San Diego.
http://www.youtube.com/x1039phoenix#p/a/u/2/CyhyVT20XyI CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO FROM WEEZER'S LIVE PERFORMANCE IN TEMPE, AZ AND OTHERS!

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