Weezer (Karl or Vars) please read!!! Along with everyone who loves Time Flies

This is officially the petition for you guys to play Time Flies on your next few dates and on the Memories tour... I for one REALLY wanna hear a live version! You can do it! I knows it!

P.S. Please :D

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I'm not sure how well it would sound live considering it's recorded in like a lo-fi way, I guess you can get the same effect live? I dunno.
If we get enough signatures they have no choice.
All they needed was some motivation from you.
I thought I asked politely :-/
stop making threads aimed at specific people.
you could stand at the front at the gig, with it written on a piece of cardboard?
Sure, why not?
I did that a Radiohead show once...
Comments like this are why you're a douche
Who, me?
Not you.

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