In this interview around the 1:50 mark, karl talks about a weezer song called "I've thrown it all away". He says its amazing. A song weezer fans need to hear. Hopefully we can get alot of comments on this post and weezer and karl decide to post the song on the website!

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oh you must be new to weezer.
=w= is epic
oh you must not be new to weezer.

Farkas said:
=w= is epic

I'd like to hear Rivers' song "He's My Sweetheart" as well.

Unfortunately, with all the songs they've written/recorded, it isn't super likely that we'll get to hear them. :(

But props for trying!  I hope it works!  it's always great to hear something new from the Weez.

But Karl if you see this, we'd really love to hear it! 

Judging by the speed SCK and RC work, you'd be lucky to get this released/leaked before the next willenium.
I wanna hear "I Will Poop On Your Carseats"

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