This is just something that I feel like is an abosolute truth. Both bands are incredibally innovative, and have some of the best, catchiest, most well written songs of all time. I've never heard anyone make the comparison before, but I think it's totally apt. Weezer is the modern day Beatles :)

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Its so unfair for people to always compare bands to the Beatles. Sure the Beatles were great, but its a whole different game, a whole different music atmosphere, and entirely different sounds in modern day bands. But to be honest, The Beatles were not the greatest rock band of all time, even they thought that. When jimi Hendrix came to london the Beatles were excited to attend his concert because they knew he was a far better musician than them. To be honest I like Rivers Cuomo's songwriting alot better than I like John Lennon's or Paul Mccartney's....and Im a pretty big beatles fan. But Its very unrealistic to compare all bands to the beatles....Its like comparing Jordan to Lebron, its a WHOLE different situation. You cant compare them.
Beatles are the most overrated band of all time.

I think that this all depends on the point of view people see it in.
Hardcore Weezerites might agree, and might even say that Weezer is better
Other fans, who only like a few Weezer songs, but aren't that into them, might say that Weezer could never compare to The Beatles.

I think that while Weezer may not yet be at that point, they have evolved throughout their carrer and have other similarities with The Beatles.

i don't think so.. i think you can't compare any band nowadays with the beatles not even close. dude, I'm sorry. There will never be another Beatles. No comparison
Weezer is Weezer. The Beatles were The Beatles.

It's as simple as that.

Rivers and Matt are the Lennon and McCartney of the 90's. Period.

You, sir, are a fool.

Scott [scotttheweezerfan] said:
Beatles are the most overrated band of all time.

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