Well, I had typed a fantastic discusion here and then my computer froze so I'm going to have to make this a shorter version of the original wonderfully-worded one.

I would give anything to see Weezer come to Canada for a full concert. It's great that they've come here for some dates to take part in festivals, but what we really need is for them to do a Canadian show for their newly announced "B*********" tour. I can't even put into words what it would mean to me to be able to see Weezer in concert in Canada. I've never had the opportunity to see them (I have been a die-hard fan since the beginning), and I'm sure alot of fellow Canadians are in the same boat. Canada is a very large country, and although any Canadian date would be great, somewhere centrally located would be fantastic. It costs a small fortune to travel from the center of the country to either the east or west coast which is where most bands seem to go. Alberta or Saskatchewan would be an ideal place for Weezer to set a tour date (*wink wink*). Now, I don't have the faintest idea of how to plead my case to the powers-that-be, but I figured this is the first step. To all the members of Weezer, from my heart and the hearts of all Canadian Weezer fans, "Please come to Canada; we will be forever grateful!".

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I don't quite understand this posting...

Weezer has always traveled across the border to play shows...
I admit, like with any band, the task of touring across a VAST country with few people
limits them to the main cities, but they do show their support....

Just off the top of my head,
They've played Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Halifax...

I can almost guarantee you they will be back "up north" for the next tour. Count on it.
I didn't say that they've never come here. They just haven't come anywhere near my location for a full concert for a number of years...
HI Carmen,

I have seen them twice In Canada (ACC in Toronto 2008 and Bluesfest Ottawa this year) and they just keep getting better which is why I agree that it would be sooo great to see them again in Canada again! I am lucky to live in Kingston (between Toronto and Ottawa) and we actually have a new concert facility called the K-Rock centre that would be great to see them at! I haven't heard about Canadian dates but I am doing my best to get the word out with a Facebook group to promote our city as an awesome location and venue. It may be a super duper long shot but how cool would that be if it actually happened and for 2 nights!
here is a link to our fb group and hopefully we will get a chance to plead Canadas case for Weezer! :)

Kingston is still farther than I would like (it's expensive to travel to Ontario...), but that would be awesome! I used to live in Kingston actually, so I could turn it into a reminiscing visit as well as get to see a kick-*ss show (or two)! I've joined the group on facebook, but unfortunately my group of friends has a much more "mainstream" taste in music (to say it nicely) so I don't really have any people to invite to join as well...
I saw them in toronto last year. I reeeeaally hope they come back for the memories tour!
They should tour more anyways
Please add a b********* stop in ontario!!!
I know what you mean, I live in central Canada as well and it's always frustrating when you hear word of Canadian dates and you come online to check it out and all you see is Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and the like. I saw them in Edmonton Labour Day weekend at the Sonic Boom Festival and it was my first time ever seeing them live, it was amazing! That being said they only got to play for an hour and a half and due to my being vertically challenged it was very difficult to see the whole show in a sea of people whose heads you had to peek between on your tippy toes. I would ADORE seeing them in an actual concert of their own in a city that didn't cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to get to and stay in on top of the concert ticket itself. So if anyone is listening, we'd love to see the guys up here if at all possible. If not I suppose I'll just be grateful to relish what memories I got to make in Edmonton.
I remember when you guys changed my life at my very first concert. Please come to Vancouver,ever since 2008 you guys inspired me to take up music and start a band.Me and My friends love your music and we all would love to see you again. Please come to Vanouver Canada It would mean alot for not just me but all the fans in the community. If Brian, Scott, Patrick and Rivers come, you're invited for dinner at my house my mom makes some mean spaghetti.
They Were awesome in St John's as well. B********* in canada would be great!, DVD at least
Anybody who says that weezer usually comes to Montreal probably isnt from Montreal. The last time they came was august for a festival, and beofre THAT it was at least five years. from what i see Toronto gets most of the (if any) Canadian shows
Yes this tour has to come to Canada! Especially Vancouver!!! =D

The last show here was amazing! Vancouver <3 B*********

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