Hi Folks. Weezer just played their first show in Auckland, New Zealand since 1996. Check out the review and loads of concert pix here: http://13thfloor.co.nz/reviews/concert-reviews/weezer-vector-arena-...


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Wow, that was fun. Freaking awesome show. Anyone have any pictures or media?

Sounds amazing! I'm glad that no one was going on about Matt, Scott is great and the person who did the review is right that Matt's stage antics were rather annoying.

Hey, I'm a Matt/Rentals fan, and Karl threw a slide or two in for us. But Scott was *awesome*, especially on Dope Nose.

Fantastic night! The band was terrific but there were some really annoying sound man hiccoughs like Rivers' mic not being turned up at the start of Jonas, Brian's acoustic not being turned up etc. Wasn't enough to diminish the overall Awesomeness though. Crowd was great and sang along to every song. First concert I've ever been too where everyone was singing the guitar solos! (especially on El Scorcho) lol

One of the best concerts I've ever been to.

Couple of other reviews here:http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/gig-reviews/8171395/Weez...


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