in episode 10 of season 1 in the opening theme song stan picks up a newspaper and it says "gas prices higher than dude at weezer concert" dont know why but once i saw it i had a slight nerdgasm anybody else watch the show and or notice it?

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Thier is an episode of King of the Hill, where one of Hank's regular customer's switches to a different propane company thanks to the company's facebook page. The man tells Hank he finally found someone that loves Weezer as much as he does and Hank asks the man "what's a Weezer?". The man looks at Hank and says "exactly", long story short, no I don't know the reference. 
Yeah I noticed that on the newspaper
It is pretty cool to see Weezer references on TV shows
the weezer r.j. berger episode is gonna be awesome
I think the writers of American Dad are weezer fans. One episode had an old guy named Rivers that served lemonade in jail. Another episode had a teacher named Mr. Pinkerton.
I have heard some Weezer references on ESPN as well.

nerdgasm hahahaha



also if you could find this as a picture or on you tube i would appreciate it

I remember seeing that.  It make me like American Dad...... for that episode.


I too had a nerdgasm

When is that by the way?

Cody Collister said:
the weezer r.j. berger episode is gonna be awesome
HAHA yea i saw that american dad episode and took a picture of it with my phone, but i dont know any weezer fans to share it with!!!

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