Why are you the only band on the planet who can't seem to find a distribution company that can actually deliver physical pre-orders on the day the album is released?

I had this issue with Hurley, which I voiced here.  Since DTFM and Pinkerton Deluxe were being sold through a different company, I decided to try again... It's release day and my mail box is empty.

I would have appreciated a digital download today as a consolation prize (I know I could pirate... but I'm trying to be a good boy).

Okay, enough ranting... I still love the band, I just hate their channels of distribution.

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I had the same problem with The Red Album pre-orders....I ordered Hurley through Amazon, and got it the same day as release. I pre-ordered this time with fingers crossed..but alas...my shipment is not due until Thursday from UPS. I would have just taken myself over to my local independant record store..but I really wanted the crazy fan package with the booklet, photo and all the other goodies, (Pinkerton is my fave album after all), so I figured it was worth the cash. I feel your pain man, I hate being super excited, and having to wait.

And I too was a good girl....I didn't download any pirates! I wanted to be surprised. :) Hope your package gets to you soon dude. :) Still love Weezer! Fan since 1994, and mail order issues won't change that, but still, had to rant myself. Glad someone else out there could understand my feelings!

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