Here's the deal, I'm trying to win tickets to Disneyland for my kids (who are big Weezer fan's, my almost 4 year old loves Put Me Back Together, and Can't Stop Partyin').  Anyway, I need votes on Facebook, if you could spare 30 seconds to help out, it would be awesome!


All you have to do is go here and “like” 1019 The End

Then go here, click “view previous comments” and then “like” my comment (I'm Tim Hemingway). It’s like 7 or 8 down. Then if you so choose, you can unlike the radio station.

If you don’t mind taking 30 seconds, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much in advance!  Tim

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Did it - I was number 200!  Good luck!!!

Here is evidence of his love for Weezer, sorry the video is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to flip it.

Awesome thank you!  We were down by like 80 yesterday, now we're only down by 8... 19 hours to go to win and take the kiddo's to Disneyland!


You got this in the bag dude......

Haha I wish, I was finally up by like 3, and now I'm down by like 25... Dang lady and her sob story...


Oh come on, I know more of you have Fbook... Little help here
1 hour to go, 40 votes shy :(
YOU DID IT!!! I just saw their post!  Congrats! :)

Thanks everyone WE'RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!   Good thing I have Weezer to listen to for the 12 hour drive!


well done!
Congrats, I voted. Really glad that both families got tickets.
Congrats, man. Have a great time!

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