I went to the Weezer/Flaming Lips concert on July 28th and was wondering if anyone here was there and had anything to say about the show. Personally I liked the way they did it because I'm a fan of both Weezer and the Flaming Lips although some of my friends were complaining that they wish the Flaming Lips were on first and then let Weezer take over for the rest of the show.


I also want to thank Rivers for making this one of the best concerts I have ever been to. A couple friends and I took my best friend to the concert for his birthday and him and I were lucky enough to have Rivers run up on the lawn right next to us. Anyone who was in the lawn will tell you that it was an incredible experience. My friend and I were lucky enough to run next to Rivers around the entire lawn and get a couple handshakes from him. Also, the mob he started got us down into lower seating so that was pretty cool. My friend still won't stop talking about it so I just wanted to ask anyone who was there what their opinion of the show was and to say thanks to Rivers. Not many musicians come up to the field at PNC so that was especially awesome. Also thanks for playing a bunch of older stuff that I missed at the Memories tour.

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I went to Jones beach....pretty much the same exact concert!! I had front row seats and it was amazing. It rained hard during Yeasayer, stopped for the Bubble enterance and rained through the first set of Lips and one Weezer song. The rest of the nite was clear and GREAT!!! Rivers ran around the entire stadium. So considerate for those who couldnt afford $106 a ticket up front. I left my seat and I got to pat him on the back!!! My first concert ever and I LOVED IT!!! I also went in front of the stage in the beginning and got to say hi to Rivers and waved back Lips were a drag, I appreciated their confetti, lights and balloons but that was it for them. Lips were my resting time when I sat down and waited 4 Weezer. I felt like they stole the spotlight from Rivers a little bit bc he didnt get to open up fully n talk to the auidence. But still it was worth every pennty and every bit of waiting in the rain

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