I'm an absolute huge Weezer fan and I especially admire Rivers, but just the other day my friend told me that he hates his fans. When I researched it I found a couple things in a Guitar World magazine that kind of spported this idea. Pleasetell me that Rivers was just messing around when he said some of those things in that interview.

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If any of the articles are dated between 2002-2005 you should probably just ignore them. Rivers was having some problems during those times and stuff wasn't really working out for him. Like whenever he put up Maladroit demos and people started hating on them. He seems more appreciative of his fans now though. I remember seeing a recent interview where he said something along the lines of he's in it for the fans now, which is why they are doing the Memories tours

That was close to 10 years ago, things have change since then. Plus I'm sure that was a spure of the moment thing.

He tries his best to give his all to his fans but it never seems good enough.

Rivers doesnt hate his fans at all. I don't know about in his "dark past" but I have watched sooooo many inteviews about how he is proud of his fans and how they are sooo supportive. Here is one example! He even connects to us on twitter and FB and responds frequently!!


we had a few drinks the other day (we have a catch up every now and then) he brought this up, he gets very upset by it.



he loves us fans :) 

He was frustrated at Weezer fans at the time and spoke out about it. I've never heard anyone speak about their fans that way before, and I actually thought it was pretty cool that he was honest with how he felt. Since then, he has been amazing with us fans. ex. Ustream, Alone demos, Social Networking, Memories tour.

He loves us! I can feel the love :)


I think the "PG band in an R rated market" post kind of answered my question. When some fans complain about the dumbest things it's hard to not get annoyed with them sometimes. I totally understand Rivers' frustration, but I just hope he knows most Weezer fans are appreciative of all their albums not just the old school ones even though the blue album is still my favorite.

You read an article from 2002. It is 2011 right now. 

Think about that.

"little b******" was the quote I remember.  I thought it was funny when it came out, because most of the fans (especially on the message boards) back then were little b******.  They bitched about anything new because it wasn't Pinkerton.


Nowadays, there are less "little b******", but they are still around.  Most fans on the boards now became fans after Green came out.

In 5 years, we'll have boardies that didn't become fans until they saw =w= on RJ Berger.

Brofessefef Rlubel said:



Gregor =w= Langbehn said:


Most fans on the boards now became fans after Green came out.

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