Weezer fans complete and re-record "Songs from the Black H***" [audio inside]


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respect this, fools!

amazing work. 

It's an honest question though, why is that word blocked? Especially in this context. Ridiculous.

Zayn Malik's Enticing Jihad said:

try it a few more times.

we don't want people talking about dirty, dirty holes.

It's funny how "H***" is blocked but "Dirty Holes" isn't...

These recordings sound great!

your dirty holes aren't blocked? good to know.

Demanding respect for something we don't give a f*** about?  Lol.

Only in Dreem see wat it meen said:

respect this, fools!

amazing work. 

Man, remember when .com wasn't a bunch of fuckwits?

Those were the days.

oh was there a time when .com wasn't full of weezer fans?

tell us more, oh wise one. 

It may not necessarily be the "true" holy grail but people have wanted to hear the entire story in full and consistently good recording quality. I believe this accomplishes that goal and more. You don't have to respect it, I guess but it's discouraging that this thread is so cynical about something that took a lot of cooperation and time. Not many forums can pull off something like this.

Somebody dosen't like cover projects. Hehe

This is so good! the only thing I would say it to work on the singing a bit.

The female singer and music is absolutely amazing though.

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